Why I Chose to Blog
After traveling on so many odd roads throughout this business journey, I think I’ve finally found a peaceful route that is perfect for me.

I’ve always been the type that loves taking the back road and enjoying the slower pace of my travels. This brings a measure of peace and calmness that feels aligned with my very being. Taking such a route allows me the time to reflect and not feel rushed by the commute, so I end up getting to my destination in a peaceful state with a good disposition.

As a wife, my husband and I are complete opposites which is why we balance each other so well. Though efficient, he is quick with getting things done or traveling to a location. He would ask, “what is the fastest route?” He processes and works all at the same time without missing a beat. He calls it multi-tasking, but I call it chaotic!  I find a great deal of stress with that method but have seen how that approach helped us reach goals that may have seemed impossible.

Despite that, there is a part of me that needs time to think things through.

Does it feel right for my mind, body, and circumstance?

When such questions are bypassed, I am like a stranger in a foreign place, feeling stuck and lost. It’s extremely hard to rush and act unless I take a moment to stop and reflect especially when there are so many moving parts.

This translates so well with my approach when it comes to how I show up for my followers and clients. In fact, it even affects how I share content.

I’ve invested time, money, and energy to learn how to find my unique voice and create a consistent presence on social media. Those were amazing training from top-of-the-line coaches. I mean they are experts in their own rights and it’s clear that their methods are effective.

The benefits from those training were personal development and a boost of confidence. I will forever be grateful for the insight that I’ve received from my past coaches and mentors.

However, my experience with social media (Instagram) was overwhelming and I couldn’t shake it no matter how hard I tried.  It felt like drowning from distraction in a crowded room.

While I’m still figuring out how to show up on social media in a way that feels true to me, I’ve decided to take the back road for now.

This blog is exactly that. A safe space. The route that allows me to slow down and reflect. Get my thoughts clear and see the path that I would like to take with the least amount of traffic and outside influence.  

For me, it’s not about how fast I get noticed or attract ideal clients. It’s more about my state of mind and how I feel while serving others.

My intention for this blog page is to share valuable information that is either missing in women’s health or not talked about enough to help us have a better understanding of the beautiful function of our bodies. It’s also to sprinkle in my story along with my thoughts on topics in relation to a holistic lifestyle for young women.

I’m so EXCITED to start this chapter. So welcome to the blog of She Flows Aromatic!