We are educated as Certified Professional Aromatherapist & Essential Oil Specialists, Your Guides To Getting In Tune With Your Body & Achieving Hormonal Balance


We specialize in teaching young women to take control of their hormones and become an expert at using biohacking tools.

We use tools such as breathwork and aroma tapping to nourish emotions, reduce stress and promote hormonal flow. As coaches, we’ve created a one of a kind coaching program to help you work with your body’s natural hormonal rhythm. The results are loving peaceful relationships, symptom free menstrual cycle, free from food cravings. Best of all, you will have a deeper
connection with your mind and body.

Gaining knowledge on women’s hormonal health can give you a sense of empowerment on your health, setting you on the right path of healing your body and enjoying the best version of yourself

It Is Time to Listen To Your Body, SHE is crying out to you
Does This Sound Like Your Monthly Cycle?

  • Fear of unbearable cramps that leaves you in the fetal position or in bed all day
  • Family & friends walking on eggshells not knowing when you might explode
  • Decreased productivity due to low mood, back pain and bloating days before cycle even begins
  • Tossing and turning because you can’t get to sleep or stay asleep, meaning less energy and focus the next day
  • Weighed down with feelings of guilt for giving into food cravings again and again 

Your monthly cycle should not cause fear, worry, nor symptoms that disrupts your life

Coach#1-Dania Sanon

For years I struggled with the effects of hormonal imbalance. I experienced cramps that ruined scheduled plans, keeping me in bed. My mood was so bad that it put a damper on relationships with friends and family. I was rarely in the mind frame to run conversations and if I did, well it would be all attitude. I was just a ball of negativity. I slowly made changes in my diet and daily habits but noticed a drastic change after incorporating a plant-based approach in my routine. This was the moment when I became a believer in the powerful effects of essential oils and hydrosols. Overtime, I became calm and patient when dealing with family and even my husband. Best of all, I cannot remember the last time I took a pain pill. As a Certified Aromatherapist, my goal is to help you find your balance and flow freely with happy hormones.

Our Whole-Body Approach

Core principle 1: Build a connection with the mind and body: here you learn all about body literacy,  tracking and understanding how your hormones affect your mood, energy, and signs of imbalance that needs addressing.

Core principle 2: Lighten the workload on the hormones: identify physical, emotional, and environmental stressors that makes it challenging for hormones to function properly and setting intentions to gradually eliminate these toxic barriers.

Core principles 3 :Nourish and support your hormones: here we address steps that can be taken such as lifestyle changes along with the use of aromatherapy and daily habits that allows the body to heal properly and hormones to flow freely

You can achieve hormonal balance by making targeted changes in the way you nourish and support your body.  It is possible with the right guidance

Coach#2-Nams Charles

My issues with hormone came to light in my late 20’s early 30’s. For years I was conscience of eating balanced meals even being vegan at one point. But I noticed a change in my mood and energy that food alone was not going to fix. After learning more about women’s biological blueprint and choosing the right food for our 4 phases this had a great impact on my overall health. Essential oils and hydrosols have become part of my staple products to help manage stress and many of the effects that hormonal imbalance can cause. As a Certified Essential Oil Specialist, I am looking forward to helping you achieve hormonal balance and flow freely.


“The customized blends were amazing! The personal inhaler was super calming. When I feel anxious, I take deep breaths with it and immediately feel more centered .”

"Learning about bio-hacking tools such as breath work with essential oils helps manage stress and negative moods especially when dealing with PMS ."

“I enjoy the tailored pain blends. I’ve noticed less pain, better sleep, and more alertness throughout the day.”


Imagine living a full month of peaceful relationships, a healthy connection with food, and more joy and balanced that we felt in years. Now I
want you to imagine that same feeling month after month and year after year. Yes, this can become your reality!

1:1 Consultation

Personalize guidance for your hormonal wellness and period health. We will discuss your lifestyle and approaches unique to you that’ll set you on the path to honoring and supporting your cyclical body.

Coaching Package

Ready to commit to your healing by building a relationship with your body and receiving personalize attention from us? Our 3 month package is for you!